Who is eligible to use 9-1-1 public education services?
Programs are provided to school districts, civic groups, churches, day care facilities, senior citizens groups, speech and hearing impaired citizens, and others interested in learning more about 9-1-1.  The services are specified for the fourteen county South Plains Region. 

What services can I use?
Red E. Fox - 9-1-1 mascot and costume

What is new in 9-1-1 Public Education?
Cell Phone Sally - communicates wireless phone and 9-1-1 issues to kids ages 4 to 7 

What does 9-1-1 Public Education Emphasize?
In a statewide campaign entitled "Help Us Help You", Public Educators use radio, television and resource materials to reach out to Texas Communities. The goal of the campaign is to educate Texans for emergency preparedness focusing on four basic messages:

9-1-1 Speaks all languages
9-1-1 Addressing
9-1-1 Basic Information
Know your Location

Public Education resource materials are printed in English and Spanish and are available upon request along with a variety of items such as pens, pencils, key chains, etc.
Please Contact:

Kellie Moats
Phone: 806-762-8721 x 130    Fax: 806-765-9544
or email: kgurley@spag.org